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Our goal is to help evaluate and plan for the behavior health needs of our community, per our legislative mandate, and to provide accessible, effective, and efficient behavioral health services. To advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with mental health challenges and to engage in active outreach to assure prevention, early intervention, and coordination of services to reduce the impact of behavioral health disorders for the individual and community we serve.
Bridget Ortiz

Bridget Ortiz

Managing Director

Bridget Espy-Ortiz born in San Diego, raised in Los Angeles, is the Owner/Executive Director of Serenity One Behavioral Healthcare, LLC. She has been in the field of psychology for over 25 years. She earned her degree in Psychology from Ashford University. Bridget has worked extensively with families, she has been very successful working with individuals who suffer from substance abuse and has had the opportunity to open programs for inmates within the Nevada Department of Corrections and Riverside County Jail. Throughout her career she has worked extensively with individuals who have CPS cases assisting them in the process of reunifying with their loved ones. Bridget has worked with people of all ages and gender and with individuals who have physical and mental conditions.

Joel Feldman

Joel Feldman


Born in New York City, raised in Pennsylvania, Joel Feldman’s first education was at a Quaker grade school.  Initially in college for pre-med, he followed his passion and graduated from Emerson College in Dramatic Arts.  He earned his first master’s degree in Acting and Directing from the University of North Carolina- Greensboro, and this allowed him to teach in university, college, and community college settings; the required course for students in theatre departments is Interpersonal Communication, the teaching of which gave Joel valuable skills and insights he uses in his practice as a Clinical Professional Counselor Intern.  The son of a psychologist, he earned a second master’s in Counseling Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma with a 4.0 gpa, becoming a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor III for Oklahoma and Nevada, with a specialization in deafness and hearing loss, as he is moderately fluent in American Sign Language.  With backgrounds teaching at a historically Black university, as director of Nevada’s only vocational rehabilitation program for disabled Native Americans, and additional occupation in the field of rehabilitative mental health, Joel has worked successfully with people of virtually all ages, and a vast range of ethnicities and physical and mental conditions.

Cathy Espy-Cook

Cathy Espy-Cook

Associate Director

Cathy attended the University Of Phoenix where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management in spring of 2011. She also received her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in the fall of 2012. She is currently attending Azusa Pacific University where she is studying for her Masters of Arts in Pastoral Studies. She has worked in the field of Behavioral Health for the past 6 years. Three years ago she founded The Espy Foundation to serve the underprivileged and disadvantaged of all ethnic groups. Cathy has been married for 27 years and has beautiful adult daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family. Cathy loves to travel and visit historical landmarks in the U.S. and abroad.

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